CHANGING COURSE... run, run, run ;-)

Clare Gallagher was headed toward medical school, until she realized the path everyone else wanted her to take wouldn’t make her happy. So she took one step back, 100 miles forward, and went in a new direction. Watch the film.


Directors: Ryan Heffernan, Grayson Schaffer


Cinematography: Kahlil Hudson, Nick Kelley, Jonas Marcinko, Isaiah Jay


Featuring: Clare Gallagher


Production: Talweg Creative, Anna Callaghan


Editor: Kahlil Hudson


REI: Ben Steele, Paolo Mottola, Ryan Meline


Special thanks: The Gallagher Family, Fiery Furnace Marching Band, Moab Trail Marathon, Rocky Mountain Runners, BLM


Composer: Doug Major


"Perspectives" by Mr. Green
"Nuclear Summer" and "Brooklyn" by Youngblood Brass Band



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